Bodhi Solution provides client interactive and responsive web development is the most effective approach. The platform that we work on is PHP/HMTL/JS/CSS queries to modify the appearance of the ecommerce based on the clients customization need. The number of responsive ecommerce is rapidly increasing, from around the world

The Merits of using this approach is that designers can use a single layout for desktop & laptop devices and mobile layout for mobile and tab, using CSS to determine how content is condensed on different screens of various devices. Designers can still work on customization of the HTML/PHP/Java and CSS, technologies.

The design and testing phase are elaborative to adapt to your Business requirements, as it can be difficult to customize the user experience for every possible device or context. Responsive and interactive ecommerce web design works well in combination with a mobile layout, where the mobile use case is prioritized during development. Enhancement is done based on the clients use cases.

Interactive & responsive design is fast becoming the default standard, creating new challenges for online businesses, including how to handle product/service images and the data management, how to optimize mobile performance and track the growth of traffic and analyze them in a logical way to find productivity.