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Business Solutions

Bodhi Solutions currently offers the ecommerce technology business solution along with SEO, Online marketing / ads and Analytics Basics to BIG DATA Analytics according to the clients need. Business purpose is to provide Project Management and Delivery, Technology Risk Management, Operational Risk Management and Technology & Big Data or Business Analytical solution to various industries.


Build your online store with ease, we take the responsibility for technology and operational risk to delivery you with a complete solution

Value proportion

* Extensive reach to clients, no geographic business limitations to extend the business revenue
* 24/7 system availability for Buying/selling
* Easy & faster buying and selling procedure
* No need of multiple physical company set-ups in the same nation
* Easy to start and manage a business online to the profit increase of 40 – 80%
* Low operational costs and better quality of services
* Clients can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically and reduce shopping time
* Wide marketplace to pitch your business without any confined boundary like mall or physical store location

Hybrid E-commerce Solutions (HES) package

Covering all the Business and Technology requirements for your products or solution businesses. Take action and find out our solution package.


Social Media Ads / Marketing

Social Media & Online Advertising becomes a necessity in the latest business trends to be more sustainable in the volatile markets trends.

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Bodhi We are focused in solving problems!

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Our solution is a problem solving approach to any internal business operation or promoting / marketing to expand to a wide market place.

What we can do?

  • SEO & Online Marketing

    We provide the best social media marketing, search optimization technology and Analytics solution which are essential for monetizing the ecommerce solution to build and manage the online business. View plan

  • E-commerce

    Build Online stores to add extra revenue! we provides everything that is needed to design or build the Online store / Shopping cart to add a separate online revenue includes implementation of customizable Read more, download Brochure

  • Business Solutions (OSM)

    Easy online store management since we do your work by automating Marketing, Sales & promotion activities online. Financial reports and Analytics are provided for knowing your online market insight. Read more

  • Management Consultation

    We provide a complete solutions for any problems in Business internal operations or commercialization or economic developments. We work along with your on Business Cases, Charter Plan, Business Plan and Project Plan and offer various payment modals to implement. Read More!

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